Furunål Olje 50 ml
Furunål Olje 50 ml

Furunål Olje 50 ml

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Forest in drops, scent of Norway:

Inspired by the beautiful landscapes and exhilarating scent of life, Liviana Baldini, an artist, a creator and a true child of nature brings to you the freshness of nature in Forest In Drops.

Energize yourself and the surrounding atmosphere with the savour of revitalizing Norwegian forest woods. A single drop can work wonders in soothing your mind and make the environment around you gratifying and full of life.

This masterfully prepared 100% natural blend is derived from carefully selected ingredients exclusively from the forests of Norway. The elements combine perfectly into a unique mixture, bottled with love and care.

Breathe in the life-changing energy of the nature that replicates the fragrance of the wondrous and breath-taking Norwegian Forests in a bottle.

Our product is absolutely chemical-free and natural where the extract ingredients are carefully handpicked exclusively from the plants within the forests of Norway. We respect nature and adhere to a process with the least stress to the plants while extracting the ingredients. Our love for nature is also reflected in our company’s work ethics, and we take pride in being one of those manufacturing companies that is absolutely Chemical Free and Plastic-Free.

Olje fra furu er stimulerende og oppfriskende. Stimulerer produksjon av hvite blodceller, virker krampeløsende, slimløsende og antiseptisk.
Dette er en særskilt god olje for luftveiene, både ved infeksjonar, astma, bronkitt, hoste og bihulebetennelse.
Oljen er også soppdrepende, vanndrivende og god ved muskelsmerter, reumatisme og leddgikt. Går godt saman med einer, bergamott og lavendel.